In particular, the UCCRO's appeal states that:

February 24, 2024 marks the two year anniversary since the start of the full-scale, unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine. This aggression from Russia, in violation of international norms and rules, actually began as early as 2014. This war has brought countless suffering to the Ukrainian people, and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. It brutally violates the human rights and freedoms in the temporarily occupied territories, including systematic violations of religious freedom. It has resulted in the destruction of historic cities and civilian infrastructure, causing the biggest migration crisis in Europe since the Second World War. The enemy planned to seize Ukraine in a short time, counting days, weeks, months, etc. Those outside of the Ukrainian borders also believed that. But there were two things that simply could not have been calculated. Firstly, it is God's help to Ukraine and, secondly - the fortitude, and the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people, which comes from God.

In its appeal, the Ukrainian Council of Churches expresses gratitude to Ukrainian soldiers and all those who support Ukraine in its struggle for freedom and independence. 

As you know, the UCCRO recently issued a call for a three-day national fast and prayer.