The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations appealed to believers of all denominations to fast and pray on February 24, 2023, for victory and peace in Ukraine, so that Russian aggression and all evil on the Ukrainian land would be stopped.

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Call of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations

for national fasting and prayer on February 24

The first year since Russia's treacherous full-scale invasion of Ukraine nears its end. Unfortunately, now we are witnessing a wave of information in the media about a major Russian offensive and the mobilization of troops for a second large-scale attack on Ukraine. All these events are reaching their peak with the approach of the anniversary of the open military invasion – February 24, 2023. On this day, a new military operation and a massive missile attack are anticipated. 

Millions of believers pray for an end to the war every day, but the great evil at the root of this war does not want to retreat. In these fateful times, we understand that Ukraine needs God's power to defeat the Russian aggressor.

When Russia treacherously attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022, many politicians and experts predicted Kyiv would fall in three days. However, experts now agree that a miracle happened when Ukrainians stopped forces that exceeded them numerically and technically several times.

We believe this is an example of how God intervened in response to the powerful prayer for Ukraine that rose worldwide in those days. The Lord sowed chaos among the enemies and took away their minds while giving our soldiers supernatural strength and accuracy to repel the attack.

Now the war rages on – civilians and soldiers are dying every day. There is no end in sight to Russia's bloody plans, and most experts and analysts note that the next few months will be decisive and can turn the tide of the war and bring its victorious end closer.

National fasting, prayer to the Lord, and alms (good deeds) are the supernatural weapons God has given us to destroy the great evil and devilish plans. We have many historical examples of how these supernatural weapons changed the course of wars, as it was in the lives of the people of Israel, the United States, and other Christian countries.

That is why it is now crucial that believers of all denominations unite in fasting, prayer, and doing good deeds (alms) for the victory of Ukraine, for its spiritual revival and restoration on February 24, 2023.

We call on all denominations of Ukraine to declare and hold a national fast and prayer in their religious communities on February 24 with round-the-clock prayer vigils, fasting, and active performance of works of charity. 

On the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, a mighty prayer should be heard to break the evil that has risen against Ukraine. The Almighty and loving God will always answer the fervent prayer of believers.

Kyiv, 20 February 2023