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Council of Churches stands for the European integration of Ukraine without the gender ideology PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 January 2019 18:41

The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations appealed to the authorities not to ratify the Istanbul Convention, but to develop and adopt national legislative measures against domestic violence instead and also to set up a central executive authority for families and children support.

This is stated in the appeal to the President, the Government and the Parliament of Ukraine signed by the leader of the UCCRU Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich, the Institute for Religious Freedom reports.

Ukrainian religious leaders note that the people of Ukraine, first of all fathers and mothers, do not support the ratification of the Istanbul Convention due to the imposition of a gender ideology that is not able to protect women from violence, but significantly damages the moral principles and family values of Ukrainian society.

The question is the Istanbul Convention introduces the contradictory concepts of “gender”, “gender identity”, “gender sensitivity”, “sexual orientation” and the like, which go beyond the bounds of the generally accepted concept of gender equality in Ukraine and distort the understanding of it as the equality of women’s and men’s rights, as well as the very content of the governmental gender policy.

“Such a flawed approach can make the Istanbul Convention a political and legal tool for popularizing new ‘genders’ beyond biological sex and same-sex relationships in Ukrainian schools and universities — but this would be a disastrous way for Ukraine. This concern is because the Convention explicitly provides for the obligation of signatory states to educate their students in ‘non-stereotyped gender roles’ (Article 14 of the Convention)”, the UCCRO states in its appeal.

The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, which as an institution of civil society represents the opinion of the majority of our fellow citizens, urges the President, the Government and all parliamentary factions and groups to develop and adopt national legislative measures against domestic violence and violence against women, as other European countries, which also refused to ratify the Convention (Great Britain, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Armenia), do, instead of ratifying the Istanbul Convention.

Besides, the Council of Churches suggested the Government of Ukraine to set up a central executive authority for families, children, motherhood and paternity support.

In this context, the UCCRO calls on the Parliament of Ukraine to adopt draft resolution No. 8521 “On measures to ensure the protection of family values and the institution of the family in Ukraine”.

The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations also responded to the aggressive actions of the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy, Ms. Kateryna Levchenko, who announced her intention to use the Security Service of Ukraine against the pro-family activists to punish them.

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