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Wednesday, 12 December 2018 16:00


Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations calls on the Government of Ukraine to set up a central executive authority for familles, children, motherhood and paternity support.

Such a proposition was sent to the Prime-Minister of Ukraine on December 11, 2018, the Institute for Religious Freedom reports.

“Given the catastrophic demographic situation in Ukraine, a large percentage of divorces resulting in raising children in incomplete families, it is necessary to focus considerable efforts of the government and civil society at supporting families, motherhood and paternity, to introduce the programmes of preparation for married life into the educational process, creating appropriate social and other conditions to minimize abortions, to fully replace all orphanages with family based care homes,” reads the UCCRU appeal to the Government of Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian Council of Churches, all these tasks in the field of family policy require establishing of a central executive authority for family, child, motherhood and paternity support in Ukraine. The significant deterioration in demographic indicators over the past 8 years confirms that the state family policy requires proper institutionalization, development and implementation of the state-run program with appropriate budget financing.

In this context, the UCCRU calls on the Parliament of Ukraine to adopt draft resolution No. 8521 “On measures to ensure the protection of family values and the institution of the family in Ukraine”.

Besides, the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations urged the authorities not to ratify the Istanbul Convention, but to develop and adopt national legislative measures against domestic violence instead.

The UCCRU also asks the Prime Minister of Ukraine to respond to the statement of the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy Ms. Kateryna Levchenko and protect the citizens of Ukraine, who defend family values and take the long view of their children, from aggressive attacks by officials and threats of criminal prosecution only because they take an active civic stance for family values.

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